Evo Products: mobile industrial vacuum cleaners and compact dust extractors

German-made Evo Products by Evotec are available in New Zealand, exclusively through DUSTEX.

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Evo Products has high quality solutions for the removal of nanoparticles up to coarse dirt. The range is ideal for smaller workshops and industrial premises, or when space is at a premium.

The cleaning systems can be customised to your needs: either with Evotec’s extensive range of off-the-shelf accessories, or using DUSTEX’s design and manufacturing know-how.

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Why choose Evo Products?

  • High quality, reliable products manufactured from long-lasting and heavy-duty materials.
  • Flexible configurations with a wide range of accessories.
  • Evo cleaning products are economical and easy to operate.
  • Over 30 years’ industry experience.

What’s in the Evotec Evo Products range?

Here’s an overview of what’s available from Evo Products – and if you’re not sure what the right equipment is for your needs, please contact the team here at DUSTEX for help.  

Mobile industrial vacuum cleaners

  • ECODust high performance dry vacuum cleaner: Certified for the suction of asbestos dust.
  • Robusto: the robust vacuum cleaner, the ideal dry vacuum cleaner for industrial use.
  • Wet- Dry- or Pump vacuum cleaner.
  • Swarf vacuum cleaner: liquid vacuum cleaner with swarf-separating base or swarf basket.
  • Liquid bath vacuum cleaners (for the 3D printing industry) – an industrial vacuum cleaner with integrated liquid bath separator.
  • Compressed air vacuum cleaners: dry vacuum cleaners and wet vacuum cleaner
  • Vacuum cleaner for compressible material – ideal for the textile, packaging and paper industries.
  • Super silent vacuum cleaner for industrial use.

There’s also a wide range of accessories for the Evo mobile industrial vacuum cleaners, including: Evo filters (pocket filters and cartridge filters), disposal bags, spark traps, bypass, swarf basket, wastewater hose, drain hose, coupling, safety switch, pre-separators, suction arms, consoles, hoods, nozzles, floor nozzles, wall nozzles, controllers, brackets, switches, barrel suction options, machine cleaning kits, hoses, and hose fittings.

Stationary compact dust extractors (dedusters)

The dust extraction range includes:

  • Mobile fume extractors for laser fumes, welding fumes, soldering fumes, as well as steams and solvents. Replacement HEPA filters and adsorption filters are available.
  • Central extraction plants for free-flowing dry dusts and fumes during cutting, welding, grinding, polishing of metal or plastics as well as airborne particles. Choose from a wide range of filter elements, technical options, and dirt container options.
  • Industrial dust extractor: Powerful central extraction plants with high airflow rate for collection and filtration of dry and hazardous dusts. Accessories include Evo filter elements, technical options, filter, spark protection, pre-separators, dirt container options, and more.
  • High performance integrated suction devices: These small, modular and compact dust extractors are ideal for dedusting in built-in solutions and provide a strong suction performance.

Do you need help with Evo products?

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