About us: Why choose DUSTEX industrial dust extraction systems?

Since DUSTEX’s formation in 2009, the company has generated an NZ-wide reputation as a user-friendly, customer-focused team of experts in industrial dust extraction systems.

DUSTEX expanded its operations in 2015 by purchasing Industrial and Commercial Fans Limited, a company that dates back to 1993, and offers a complete range of axial and centrifugal fans. This means that DUSTEX is able to supply fans to a wide range of industries throughout New Zealand, either as standalone items, or as part of an industrial fume or dust extraction system.

What sets DUSTEX apart from other dust control companies is that we design, manufacture and install customised fans, air filtration systems, and dust and fume extraction systems. Read more about dust extraction system design.

Not all industrial dust extraction systems are created equal: discover the DUSTEX difference today. NZ-wide service.

Our product range covers:

  • Industrial ventilation systems
  • Fans and fan repairs
  • Filtration
  • Dust collectors and mobile dust collectors
  • Diverter valves
  • Bagdumps
  • Ducting
  • Cyclones.
The DUSTEX cyclone dust collector with bin loading system loads waste material into containers. Made in NZ.

The DUSTEX mission statement:

To make industrial airspace the cleanest and safest in New Zealand

It’s all about creating a more pleasant work environment for your team; with equipment that’s reliable and easy to use – to keep you safe and healthy.

Industries we work with:

  • Asphalt production
  • Blast freezing operations
  • Boat building and composite works
  • Cement, lime and aggregate plants
  • Chemical plants
  • Construction, such as plasterboard manufacturing
  • Consulting engineers who need expert solutions for their clients
  • Fertiliser and feed processing and manufacture
  • Food manufacturing and dairy processing plants
  • General nuisance dust
  • Glass manufacturing
  • Grain storage and processing
  • Metal industry: aluminium smelters, foundries, steel mills and galvanisers
  • Mining
  • Paint manufacturing and spray booths
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetics
  • Recycling plants
  • Rubber and plastics
  • Timber, joinery, wood processing and paper plants.
  • Wine production

Here’s why DUSTEX is a great choice for industrial dust extraction systems…

  • Standard designs:

    DUSTEX has a range of standard industrial dust extraction systems and components to meet most applications

  • Customised solutions:

    Does equipment need to fit around your existing industrial dust extraction systems? DUSTEX excels at designing and manufacture components to fit around existing constraints, or creating equipment with a special function.

  • Collaborative design service:

    DUSTEX will work with your design engineers when designing specialised equipment, so that the result exactly fits your needs.

  • 3D modelling:

    All the design work is modelled in 3D, so you can easily evaluate the proposal.

  • Retrofits:

    Retrofitting your dust and fume extraction systems is often less disruptive and more economical than completely replacing all your equipment.

  • Nationwide service:

    DUSTEX works with industrial clients throughout New Zealand.

  • New or used equipment:

    Many clients need to work to budgetary constraints, so DUSTEX will happily supply you with new or used equipment (when available) to suit your needs.

  • Ease of service is key:

    When the DUSTEX team creates a design for you, the key consideration is always that the equipment is easy to service. And because we service equipment ourselves, we know what’s involved, and how to make the task easier.

  • Friendly and helpful:

    When you’re dealing with DUSTEX, you’re talking directly to the engineers who design and install the systems. Unlike other dust extraction companies, there are no middleman or sales reps – you have direct access to senior engineers.

  • Manufactured in New Zealand:

    The equipment designed and manufactured by DUSTEX is made right here in New Zealand. This means you get a higher quality product, from a local supplier who stands by their workmanship and customer service.

Meet the DUSTEX team…

Between us, the DUSTEX team has over 73 years (and counting) industry experience in dust and fume control!

Here’s a bit more about us…

Ken Skinner, NZCE, REA

Director and Senior Design Engineer

Ken’s engineering career started as a draughtsman in 1975, and completed NZCE Mechanical. He then spent 4 years as a project manager for air pollution control, industrial fans, industrial drying and paint finishing, and then went on to work as an Engineering Manager for 18 years. This role specialised in filtration and dust collection.

Ken founded DUSTEX in 2009, and he purchased Industrial and Commercial Fans Limited in 2015 to offer a complete range of dust control and air filtration solutions.

Outside of work, Ken enjoys anything to do with water (sailing, kayaking, fishing and swimming), following rugby, his family, and playing guitar in a covers band.

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Perry Mundell, BBA, DipPM, DIChem

Director and Senior Design Engineer

Perry’s experience in the dust extraction and air pollution control industry began in 1997, and he has been managing engineering and capital projects since 1995. Much experience was gained whilst working for larger corporate firms, which means that Perry has the skills for large, complex projects as well as for smaller jobs.

As co-owner, his role at Dustex covers engineering design of industrial fans, dust extraction and ventilation systems, CAD drawing and 3D modelling, and project management. Perry’s favourite aspect of engineering design and development is creating user-friendly solutions that will truly delight customers.

When he’s not at work, Perry enjoys spending time with his young family and trying his best to keep fit and healthy.

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Christiaan Labuschagne, B.Eng

Lead Engineer

Since graduating in 2015, Christiaan’s engineering career is off to a strong start. His first role involved designing, building and testing mine-resistant, ambush-protected military vehicles. He also started up a company that designed and built 3D printers, and provided design and prototyping services.

Christiaan’s role at DUSTEX lets him follow his passion of designing and building, as he creates and implements dust extraction and ventilation systems. He particularly enjoys seeing designs come to life, and being able to provide innovative solutions to issues customers are facing.

When he’s not working, designing or building, Christiaan enjoys scuba diving and discovering scenic walking trails.

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Shubham Lotlikar, BE(Hons)

Project/Design Engineer

After graduating in 2021, DUSTEX is home to Shubham’s first professional role. As a junior engineer, Shubham gains exposure to the world of industrial ventilation and dust extraction.

DUSTEX allows him to follow his passion for design and development by introducing him to various projects. Learning from the best – he enjoys being part of a team that are great at problem solving.

In his spare time, Shubham enjoys hiking, building cars and producing music.

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Hendo Jordaan, B.ENG Mech

Project/Design Engineer

Hendo graduated in 2014 and always had a passion and the knack for design engineering.

He was a tutor for engineering design in University and started designing mining and pump equipment whilst completing his degree.

Since then, he has accumulated design knowledge and practice in a wide range of fields- ranging from armoured personnel carriers to hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers.

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DUSTEX is a member of the Auckland Chamber of Commerce, and ASHRAE – the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers.

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