Centrifugal fans

DUSTEX is a leading supplier of a wide range of industrial centrifugal fans manufactured here in New Zealand to provide the best product for your particular application.

Our fans are designed and manufactured in New Zealand – and if you’re not sure what you need, we also offer a full design service

Do you have a centrifugal blower fan in need of repair? DUSTEX also offers an industrial fan repair service for all types of fans.

What are centrifugal fans?

Centrifugal fans are often called pressure blowers, because a fan wheel or impeller increases the pressure of the ingoing air by altering the velocity vector of the flow.

The term ‘pressure blowers’, however, is misleading because centrifugal fans can be used for exhausting as well as blowing.

The fans produce pressure and/or flow because the rotating blades of the impeller impart kinetic energy to the air by changing its velocity.

In the case of centrifugal fans, the velocity change is the result of tangential and radial velocity components.

DUSTEX designs, manufactures and repairs industrial centrifugal fans of all types.
DUSTEX designs, manufactures and repairs industrial centrifugal fans of all types.

Centrifugal fans come in a number of forms:

The most common forms are:

Radial blade: This is the most basic type, often called a paddle wheel, mainly used for material laden air in the industrial field.

Forward curve: These are suited to low speed/high volume – usually for clean air and low temperature applications. Because of this, they are more lightly constructed than most centrifugal fans.

Flat backward inclined: The blades are flat and slope backwards from the heel to the tip, relative to the direction of the rotation.

Backward curved fans: The blades slope and curve backward from the heel to the tip, relative to the direction of rotation.

Backward inclined aerofoil: Similar to backward curved fans, except that they have an aerofoil shape, offering higher efficiencies.


What can industrial centrifugal fans be used for?

Because the moving parts of a centrifugal fan are completely enclosed – plus some designs are suitable for material handling – they are ideal for use in dust extraction systems.


Here are some common centrifugal fan applications:

Dust extraction: DUSTEX is experienced in supplying fans for demanding environments where capacity, temperature and erosive conditions vary widely. Typical applications include conveying wool, cotton fibre, sawdust shavings, pulverised coal and wheat, or for removing dust from grinding, polishing and buffing.

High pressure centrifugal fans: For use in industries where vacuums or high pressures are required in demanding circumstances. For example, high pressure centrifugal blowers are used in chemical, petrochemical, mineral wool, pulp, paper and water treatment applications.

High temperature centrifugal fans: Used in industrial ovens, furnaces and kilns.

Heavy duty centrifugal fans: For transporting air and flue gases in large boiler plants, industrial facilities and mines. These heavy duty blowers are suitable for hot or corrosive gases and in dusty environments. These fans are commonly used in chemical, cement, ferrous and non-ferrous plants.


Below are examples of some of the centrifugal fans we’ve manufactured and supplied to our customers.

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