Camfil air pollution control products

DUSTEX is proud to offer Camfil air pollution control products in New Zealand. Camfil filtration products and dust extraction system are premium quality, long-lasting, and highly efficient.

You are able to order Camfil air pollution control products through us at DUSTEX. And if you need any assistance in the design, manufacture, or installation of a dust extraction system, we can help with that, too.

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About Camfil

Established in 1963, Camfil has grown organically into producing sustainable, best-in-class air filtration products and services. The Camfil Group is based in Sweden and has additional manufacturing and R&D sites around the world, including the US, Germany, Malaysia and China.

Camfil aims to improve employee productivity, equipment productivity, while at the same time minimising energy use, and improving human health and the environment by keeping the air cleaner.

Clean Air Solutions

Discover the Camfil range of dry dust collectors, wet dust collectors, and mist collectors. The products can be customised for all industries.

Farr Gold Series®

These distinctive dust extractors look like a safe, because they’re built like a safe. Numerous add-on options available to customise to your needs.

Gold Series X-Flo Industrial Dust Collectors

GSX dust collectors by Camfil are best in class, providing maximum airflow and dust processing power for any given footprint.

Pleated Filters: Hemipleat® Technology

Available for any dust collector, independent tests show that these filters outlast and outperform other filters. Four different filter media available.

Explosion Protection

Combustible dust extraction systems include inlet protection, outlet protection, and explosion venting. Additional safety features are available on request.

Explosion Isolation Valves:
the Stinger

A key component in combustible dust collection systems, the Stinger prevents an explosion from travelling back down the inlet pipe into the work space.

Zephyr® III:
Pulse-Cleaned Portable Dust and Fume Collector

A complete, portable air purifier for capturing welding fumes, grinding dust, dry dust, soldering fumes and other airborne particles.

Handte Oil Expert:
Oil Mist Collector

This premium dust extractor uses oil: it’s extremely efficient in separating ultra fine mists and fumes. The customised system design is highly flexible.

Emulsion Mist Collector

Safe, economical high performance filters for emulsion mist collection. Camfil units are user friendly, modular and flexible.

Clean Sweep Accessory

This is an inexpensive way to remove dust from around the dust collector or work area, by adding a hi-vac want to your dust extractor.

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